Business of Dentistry 'live' Webinar: Tips, Tricks & Techniques for Profitable PPO Participation

Thursday, Oct 7, 2021

NEW! Business of Dentistry 'live' Webinar

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Tips, Tricks and Techniques for More Profitable PPO Participation


?Wednesday, October 13, 20216 – 8 p.m. PDT

Participation with insurance PPOs is common for many practices. Unfortunately, even though insurance participation is typically a huge expense, it doesn’t receive consistent improvement efforts, putting the practice at the mercy of whatever the insurance company wants to do.


The result? Practices often miss opportunities to increase PPO fee schedules, configure participation for higher profit or simply make costly errors that hurt profit margins!


In this webinar—for doctors and a member of their insurance team—you will learn how to participate with PPOs more profitably and avoid costly errors.


Topics include:

  • Understanding the massive changes in PPOs that are occurring and how they threaten your practice profitability and ability to renegotiate fees
  • How to assess your office fees in comparison to others in your area
  • Mistakes doctors make when deciding which PPOs to take—or stay participating with
  • Reducing PPO-related write-offs
  • Why PPO fees can vary by up to 40% in the same geographic area


Art Wiederman, CPA | Director, Dental Division | Eide Bailly

Brad Blazek, AAMS, CRPC | Financial Advisor | Eide Bailly

Austin Fields | Financial Advisor | Eide Bailly

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