Dual Membership with Harbor Dental Society

November 1, 2023 to December 31, 2024

Join as a Dual Member to Enjoy Harbor Dental Society's Benefits

Dual Members are Dentists that shall be classified as active dual members if they maintain an active membership in good standing in another California dental society and meet all requirements for active membership in the Harbor Dental Society. Dual members will enjoy all rights and privileges of active membership of the Harbor Dental Society except the right to hold elective office simultaneously in another component dental society. Dual members shall pay the full annual dues of the Harbor Dental Society.

Please  pay your dual membership annual dues online and you will receive an automatic payment receipt. Once the payment is processed, Harbor will send you a Dual Membership Application to fill out or click on the form below, download, save and email it to the Harbor office.  It is important to complete this application to be placed into Harbor's system to keep you informed of news, new and enhanced membership benefits of service solutions and continuing education and business of dentistry courses, plus much more. If you have any questions, please contact the Harbor office, 562.595.6303.

Dual Membership Application - click here to fill out and save the file and send the completed form to email: Kristin@HarborDentalSociety.org 


ADA, CDA, Local Active Member $545.00

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