Live Webinar - Dental Implants For The General Dentist: From Single Tooth Restoration to Overdentures

March 24, 2022 at 2:00 PM to 7:00 PM


HDS Life/Retired Member $78.00
Dental Staff $75.00
ADA, CDA, HDS Active Member $125.00
Hygienist $75.00
Non-ADA Member Dentist $225.00

General Information

Provider Harbor Dental Society
Speaker Gordon Fraser, DMD
Type/Category Core
Credits 5

Live Webinar - Dental Implants For The General Dentist: From Single Tooth Restoration to Overdentures

Ready to make IMPLANT DENTISTRY simple, affordable and predictable… while creating new revenue streams for your practice?

Anticipating a huge investment of time and money, many dentists do not place and restore dental implants. Others have been to training courses and purchased armamentarium that is now collecting dust because they have difficulty imparting the kind of information needed for their staffs to play a vital role in implant procedures. This course is for BOTH types of dentists. Dr. Fraser demystifies implant dentistry and shows offices how to seamlessly integrate this vital dental procedure. More importantly, this course shows how to make implant dentistry cost effective, efficient and affordable for patients.

After all, people want teeth - not dental implants. Designed for the general dentist who has limited or no experience with dental implants, attendees will learn the importance of treatment planning, diagnostics and radiographic interpretation. This course covers procedures, such as single tooth replacement, overdentures and multiple tooth replacement in easy-to-follow, step-by-step protocols. Dr. Fraser has revolutionized this process by offering in-house, GPR-style training for the entire dental team.

Learning Objectives:

  • Guide the patient through the decision of fixed vs. removable prosthesis
  • Understand the appropriate use of traditional vs. mini-implants
  • Analyze CBCT scans to identify ideal sites for implants
  • Evaluate the anatomical limitations of each case
  • Learn chairside techniques for denture locator attachment
  • Discuss bone biology and osseointegration for clinical success
  • Perform the pre-implant oral, anatomical and radiographic exam
  • Modify an existing denture to utilize implants
  • Prepare the surgical site for the placement of 2-4 implants
  • Select the optimal retention attachment to achieve the desired results

Refund Policy: No refunds for no shows. Written cancellation must be received 2 days prior to the webinar date for a refund.

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