Now is the time to offer subscription-based dental membership plans directly to patients, with no insurance middleman in the way. This is dental care, liberated.

Benefits of Kleer: 

· Membership plans are acting as an effective catalyst to improve patient care and relations.

· These plans help maximize the value of your uninsured patient base to drive revenue for you.

· Acquire new fee-for-service patients — driving top-line revenue growth across your practice.

Click on the link below for a free demo to learn how you can help all of your patients achieve access to high quality care through better dental benefit plans. You will learn how employers can create better dental benefit plans, explore available plan design options and see how dental offices can help in the process. You will also learn how your front office staff can help patients with their employer funded dental plans such as Kleer.

Be sure to let Kleer know you are a Harbor Dental Society member to get the preferred savings discount.

Click link to schedule a free demo to check it out: https://go.kleer.com/hds

Want to learn more how Kleer can help you as a smart and savvy practice owner offer subscription-based dental membership plans directly to patients, with no insurance middleman in the way. 


Watch the recording of the Sept. 14, 2022 ‘live’ webinar with Debbie Jones from a dental office in OC who gives her valuable insights on how it works for her dental team as she sits down with Brad James at Kleer.


Webinar discussion:

· The importance of improving patient access to care in a way that improves practice production and profit

· Must-have features for managing a high-performing membership plan that requires little administration

· How her dental team leveraged Kleer to disengage from PPO participation and take their practice fee-for-service and hear about her  secrets to successful team adoption and patient enrollment.

Watch Webinar Here

Swell helps prospects find your business through online reviews, converts website visitors, and turns customer interactions into revenue.

Benefits of Swell CX:

• Engage with anyone, anywhere, anytime - Make your online reputation shine.

• Leverage your online reputation and turn it into practice growth. 

• Access simple tools to attract and keep more new patients. 

Click link to schedule a free demo: https://www.swellcx.com/partners/harbor-dental-society   

Be sure to let Swell CX know you are a Harbor Dental Society member to get the preferred savings discount.

Top Reasons to Setup a Dental Health Plan

and Online Reputation Management for Your Practice

Swell and Kleer Nov 16th Webinar Recording - Click Here. 

Speaker Bio: Danny Laneri is the Director of Business Development at Swell. He focuses on growth initiatives for Swell ranging from strategic partnerships to integrations, and more. He brings a decade of experience in practice education and patient communication software as a service. When he’s not working, you’ll find Danny on a golf course, in the Utah mountains, skiing, or spending time with his wife and three kids.

Speaker Bio: Brad James is the Director of Partner Development at Kleer, where he oversees Business Development and Strategic Partnerships. He has been with Kleer since 2018, the year when they originally launched their platform. Prior to that, Brad was a Business Development Consultant for a recruiting firm.

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