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January 2022
1/5/2022 HIPAA & Cyber-Security Training
1/12/2022 California Dental Practice Act Live Webinar
1/19/2022 Infection Control/OSHA Live Webinar

February 2022
2/8/2022 HiPAA Training ’live’ webinar
2/24/2022 ’live’ CE Webinar: Surgical Extract w/Bone Graft.

March 2022
3/1/2022 California Dental Practice Act Live Webinar
3/24/2022 Dental Implants fm Single Tooth Rest. to Overdent

April 2022
4/21/2022 Annual OSHA Training & Infection Control - Safety In the Shadow of a Pandemic

August 2022
8/23/2022 test

September 2022
9/6/2022 Responsibilities and Requirements for Prescribing Controlled Substances (Schedule II Opioid Drugs)
9/22/2022 Carte Blanche: Aesthetic and Functional Foundation for the Complete Denture & So Easy, a Prosthodontist Can Do It: The Tips, Tricks and Techniques from the Daily Life of a Dual Certified Prosth/Dental Tech

October 2022
10/20/2022 Safety and Simplicity in Root Canal Instrumentation: Myths, Metal and Motion

November 2022
11/10/2022 IES Test Course
11/10/2022 Nov/ OSHA/Infection Control/CA Dental Practice Act
11/17/2022 Live Webinar - Nov 17 Ca Dental Practice Act

December 2022
12/8/2022 Smart Practices for Your Practice

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