Harnessing the Power of Influencer Marketing in Dentistry

Tuesday, Aug 1, 2023


Harnessing the Power of Influencer Marketing in Dentistry

In the ever-evolving landscape of dental marketing, there's a trend that's particularly noteworthy for our industry: influencer marketing. Now, before you envision movie stars flashing their pearly whites, let's recalibrate our understanding. Your next influencer might just be sitting in your waiting room.

Finding Influencers Among Your Patients

Surprisingly, many dental practices are sitting on a gold mine of potential influencers without even realizing it. These aren't Hollywood stars but real, relatable individuals who've built trust and following within your community. These influencers are local bloggers, photographers, and podcasters to actors, musicians, and makeup artists, they're the people your patients already know and trust. They’re local and you already have a relationship with them.

Many of your patients might already have an impressive social media presence, particularly on platforms like Instagram and Tiktok. You’re not looking for an influencer with tens or even hundreds of thousands of followers, because most of those followers will not be located in your area. You are looking for Micro-influencers who have a few thousand followers, most of which are local.

Approaching Your Patient-Influencers

Once you've identified potential influencers among your patients, it's crucial to approach them with tact and authenticity. Remember, the influencer-patient relationship is a two-way street, built on mutual respect and benefit.

Consider proposing a collaboration that offers them something of genuine value. For instance, a complimentary teeth whitening session or a discount on more extensive procedures. In return, they could document their journey and share their experience with their followers, giving your practice genuine exposure and endorsement.

Once you’ve found an influencer that’s interested you’ll want to have an agreement structured. You can download an Influencer Marketing Agreement here. This agreement can be edited to your specific terms. We recommend that you have your own legal counsel review it. We’re not attorneys, we don’t even play them on TV.

A Case in Point: The Natalie Montez Success Story

To truly grasp the potential of influencer marketing in dentistry, let's explore the story of Natalie Montez. An Arizona-based photographer, Natalie boasts an Instagram following of over 4,000. She definitely fits in the micro-influencer category. Especially considering that her followers are the same type of people that a cosmetic dentist would be looking to attract, people who care about their appearance and want to look good on camera.

When her dentist Dr. Harmon recognized her influence, he proposed a collaboration: veneer treatments for Natalie in exchange for her sharing the experience on Instagram. An agreement was made and Natalie documented the entire treatment and started posting to her Instagram account. 

Natalie's genuine posts, including sentiments like “I ugly cried. Dr. Harmon nailed it. My upper permanent teeth are in. I'm speechless…” not only showcased her authentic journey but also effectively spotlighted Dr. Harmon's expertise. 

More importantly, it prompted Natalie's followers, who trust her opinion, to consider Dr. Harmon for their dental needs. 

We followed up with Natalie to see how well these posts did. We wanted to know if her dentist got any new patients from her posting. She said that her posts blew up, in a good way, and she sent up a screenshot of a few of the direct messages she received from her followers. 

Natalie Montez's influence within her follower community is testament to the power of digital trust and influencer marketing. When she shared her dental journey, her followers didn't just passively engage; they actively sought her opinion, treating her endorsement as they would a personal recommendation from a close friend. 

Remarkably, they directed their cost and some clinical questions to her rather than approaching Dr. Harmon directly, underscoring the depth of trust they placed in Natalie's testimonials. This behavior underscores a pivotal aspect of the digital age: influencer marketing serves as a robust social proof statement, often carrying as much, if not more, weight than traditional endorsements and testimonials.

Don’t Miss Out On Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing isn't about chasing the biggest celebrity names. It's about finding and collaborating with trusted voices within your very own patient database. 

By recognizing and harnessing these potential influencers your dental practice can build genuine relationships and amplify its reach in the most authentic way possible. 

Dental marketing companies are embracing influencer marketing as a viable way to reach wider local audiences for their clients. Embrace this modern avenue of dental marketing, and watch your patient-family grow!

About the Author: Adrian Lefler is the CEO of My Social Practice, a dental marketing company based in SLC, Ut. 

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