Increasing Profits through The Circle of Focus

Sunday, Oct 1, 2023

Harbor Dental Society is gearing up for a timely 'live' CE Webinar "Increasing Profits through The Circle of Focus" with the dynamic and popular speaker Dr. Anissa Holmes Thursday, October 19, 2023 from 6pm-8pm PST.

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As dentists, we can build more profitable and even thriving practices if we take the focus away from doing business as we

we have always done. Dr. Holmes recently posted on her Instagram some helpful insight on what "The Circle of Focus" means and why it is an important tool for dentists.  She wrote: "The Circle of Focus is a simple and MIGHTY tool that helps you concentrate your efforts and your team’s efforts on achieving ONE goal.

So let’s say you decide to focus on clear aligners, implants or the number of cosmetic cases started in your practice for the next four weeks.

  • You talk to your team about your intention.
  • You make sure everyone knows what to say to patients in order for them to say yes.
  • You post your goal on your white board and track your metrics where everyone can see them.
  • You celebrate with your team when you hit your milestones, and if you notice something is slipping through the cracks you work together to solve the problem.

When you make clear aligners your Circle of Focus for the month, you’re MUCH more likely to hit that goal. And that means more revenue for your practice which is more money you can invest in growth.

It feels GOOD when you achieve your goals!

What’s your Circle of Focus for the rest of the year?"

One goal should be to find out more by signing up for this engaging 'live' webinar to hear more from Dr. Anissa Holmes. 


See you on October 19th!





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