Live Webinar: Insights on Setting Up In-House Dental Membership Plans

Tuesday, Aug 2, 2022

'Live' Webinar: Insights from S. California Dental Practice Team Member Leveraging Kleer to Setup In-House Dental Membership Plans

Join us on Wednesday, September 14, 2022 at 6:30p PST.

Kleer’s smart, seamless software solution is designed to empower autonomy — giving you the freedom to make the most important decisions for yourself, your practice, and your patients without interference.

In partnership with Harbor Dental Society, hear from Debbie Jones, Practice Administrator at Michael Jones DDS as she sits down with Brad James at Kleer to discuss:

  • The importance of improving patient access to care in a way that improves practice production and profit
  • Must-have features for managing a high-performing membership plan that requires little administration
  • How her team leveraged Kleer to disengage from PPO participation and take their practice fee-for-service
  • Debbie’s secrets to successful team adoption and patient enrollment

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