Member Benefit: Harbor Endorsed Dental Payment Solution by Rectangle Health

Thursday, Apr 22, 2021

E-Resource and Dental Payment Solution


Taking Charge in Changing Times

This ADA feature article Taking Charge in Changing Times focuses on an actual dental office setting up its technology toolkit to counter the cybersecurity threats faced on a daily basis, going into detail about a new suite of digital business solutions and how remarkable for what it wasn’t – their old, cumbersome system that drained staff hours and labor. But the staff had no clue then just how much deeper the benefits would go a few months later as the COVID-19 pandemic closed businesses and ushered in a new normal of safety. Read More Here


As a proud supporter, Rectangle Health offers its Practice Management Bridge dental payment solution with an

exclusive offer for Harbor Dental Society members.

For a limited-time only, sign up now to qualify for an exclusive $200 rebate to be issued after your first 90 days

of payment. For more details, please contact David Fitzgerald, Practice Management Consultant, at 314-677-0891

or dfitzgerald@rectanglehealth.com

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