Live CE Webinar: Posterior Composites: From the Pulp to the Occlusal Surface

August 31, 2023 at 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM


Dental Staff $79.00
Hygienist $79.00
Non-ADA Member Dentist $99.00
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General Information

Provider Harbor Dental Society
Speaker Richard Stevenson, III, DDS, FAGD, FACD, ABOD
Type/Category Core
Credits 3

Live CE Webinar: Posterior Composites: From the Pulp to the Occlusal Surface

Speaker: Richard Stevenson, III, DDS, FAGD, FACD, ABOD

CEU: 3 Core

Date: Thursday, August 31, 2023 Time: 6:00pm - 9:00pm PST

This presentation will provide the entire dental team with a condensed, comprehensive, and up-to-date review of Posterior Composites. Dr. Stevenson will stress the adherence of proven well-documented techniques and provide the dentist and auxiliary with a deep understanding of the entire restorative process. He will focus on the best practices for caries removal, adhesion, pulp capping, placement, adjustment and polishing of the finest composite restorations possible. 


  • Isolation techniques
  • Adhesive options – what generation is best?
  • Liners and bases and Pulp Capping Materials – how to use them for predictable results
  • Matrix systems – are they all the same?
  • Preparation designs
  • Composite materials
  • Bulk fill vs incremental layering
  • The “snow-plow” and "centripetal wall and lobe” techniques
  • Margin elevation
  • Polishing systems
  • Occlusal adjustment
  • Reducing post-operative sensitivity

Learning Objectives

  1. Understand the indications for placing liners to enhance composite longevity
  2. Be able to place pulp capping material (MTA) in a manner which improves outcomes
  3. Learn how to build composites with the "Wall and Lobe" method
  4. Learn how to perform ideal occlusal adjustments and polishing
  5. How to minimize post-operative sensitivity
  6. Doctor Richard Stevenson received his bachelor’s degree in chemistry from UCLA in 1982 and his Doctor of Dental Surgery from the UCLA School of Dentistry in 1986.  After practicing general dentistry for 7 years in Laguna Niguel, California, he accepted a full-time teaching position at the UCLA School of Dentistry, as an Assistant Professor in the Section of Operative Dentistry.  For four years he served as the Chair of the Pre-Clinical Operative Dentistry Course where he authored several comprehensive illustrated syllabi in Operative Dentistry. In 2009, he received the American Dental Association’s Distinguished “Golden Apple” Teaching Award – in both the pre-doctoral and post-doctoral categories.  In 2005, Dr. Stevenson received a Fellowship in Medical Education from the UCLA School of Medicine. 


    He has over published over 30 articles on dental materials, the principles of evidence-based dentistry, and restorative techniques in peer reviewed Journals, including Operative Dentistry, Evidenced-based Dentistry and The Journal of Esthetics and Restorative Dentistry.  He is the co-author of a book chapter on Cast Gold Restorations in Summitt’s Fourth Edition of “Fundamentals of Operative Dentistry”. The chapter on Implant Occlusion in the book “Implants in the Esthetic Zone”, and the chapter on “Complications in Restorative Dentistry: Best Practices”. He has authored numerous instructional guides in all aspects of restorative dentistry for UCLA and other schools. 


    He is the inventor of 11 unique dental instruments which are used in dental education and clinical practice internationally. He has been a reviewer for the ADA Professional Product Review and is currently a reviewer for the Journal of Operative Dentistry.  Since 2008, he has been the Secretary of the Academy of Operative Dentistry where he previously served as President.  He is a Fellow of the Academy of General Dentistry and the American College of Dentists.  


    Additionally, Dr. Stevenson has given over 500 continuing education presentations and table clinics in restorative dentistry internationally including the Philippines, Peru, Japan, China, Korea and Canada.  In 2007, Dr. Stevenson became the 58th Board Certified Operative Dentist of the American Board of Operative Dentistry.  In 2006, he was inducted as a member in the American Academy of Restorative Dentistry.


    In 2011, he was named the UCLA School of Dentistry Alumnus of the Year in recognition of his outstanding contributions to organized dentistry, the school, the community and the UCLA Dental Alumni Association.  Dr. Stevenson served as Chair of the Section of Restorative Dentistry, with over 100 faculty members for 17 years and is currently Professor Emeritus of Clinical Dentistry. 


    He practices dentistry in San Dimas, CA with a focus on Microscope, Implant Restoration and Esthetic Dentistry.  In 2015, he started Stevenson Dental Solutions, a teaching institute dedicated to hands-on training where he serves as the Director of Education.  Recently he established a non-profit corporation called Stevenson Dental Research Institute which employees 5 research associates investigating best practices in dentistry and innovative methods of delivering quality care to communities with the most need.  He lives in La Verne, CA with his wife Savi.

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